Cart Abandon is one of the biggest problems in online business. Big companies lose billions this way. Smaller ones are in more danger in this aspect. So, to combat this loss, the best method is to invest in research and understand cart abandonment.

An average cart abandonment rate is estimated at around 67%, a huge burden when viewed with respect to losses incurred. However, all abandoned carts are not lost business. These users can be retained and carts transferred to check out. The same study as above also shows that almost three fourth of the users return to complete their orders. This is where the importance of abandoned cart emails come in.

Usually, if the user, logged in or guest, leaves the website for more than fifteen minutes, the cart is considered abandoned. Accordingly, you can customize emails for these users and notify them reminding them of the cart they left off. However, this marketing strategy is not as easy as it sounds. Abandoned cart emails need to be perfectly timed and calculated.

How many abandoned cart emails should be sent?

It is preferred that you send three abandoned cart emails, as per a study by Kissmetrics and Rejoiner. The main subject of the email will be the left item in the cart but will be sent at an interval of time.

You should keep two things into consideration while dealing with abandoned carts. Tracking the process and understanding the point where the cart was abandoned.

It is really important to ascertain the actual point in the checkout process where the cart was abandoned by the user. Doing this will help you to create a more personalized and tailored email to convince the customer to return to the cart and complete the order.
For example, if a customer abandons his/her cart after calculating the delivery fee then you can surely target them with an email saying limited time free delivery or you can also offer special promo codes to give them a certain amount of discounts.

Immediate actions should be taken for abandoned carts

The second most important thing for treating abandoned cat is right is that you should not waste much time. The first email should be sent within a few hours of the cart being abandoned by the customer. This will help you to get their attention once more before they engage themselves in some other activity and totally forget about the product.

Keeping the above two points in mind now let's discuss the emails that are to be sent to the customer to convert the abandoned cart into a successful order.

Email 1: Remind them about the item and offer them suitable help

The first abandoned cart email is really important and you will have the chance of creating the relation with your customer and win their trust again and gain feedback from them. This first email acts as a reminder to the customer about the item they just left in the cart.

You can offer suitable help to the customer in this email. You have to offer the customer suitable help to fix any difficulties that the customer may have faced during the order. The email should be sent within a few hours of the cart being abandoned by the customer. In this email, you should definitely aim and try to convince the customer to complete the order.

Create a friendly relationship with your customer by promising them that the problem they faced will be resolved at earliest and forwarding them to your customer service team.

And the abandoned cart email should also feature a photo of the item they left in the cart. This will remind the customer about how much they wanted that item and will trigger their desire for the item once again. The image should also have the link (call-to-action button) to the abandoned cart clickable along with the picture of the product.

Email 2: Introduction of  Urgency

The second email ought to be sent twenty-four hours once the primary email. In this email you can introduce an urgency like your cart is going to expire soon or use a certain mentioned promo code within a certain period of time to get the best deal.

And visual still plays an important role. The image of the item with a call-to-action button is always helpful and is highly recommended.

Email 3: Adding Special Proofs and Promo Coupons

The last abandoned cart email is to be sent out between 48 to 72 hours after the cart was being abandoned. As usual, the product image with a call-to-action button is a must.

This email is the last chance of converting the abandoned cart into a successful order. Adding special coupons or tailored incentives will encourage the customer to buy the item and complete the order.

On the other hand, you can show product testimonials and reviews from other customers. This acts as social proof and can help reluctant customers to change their mind as this can convince them about the zero risks related to the product.

How to create the perfect email sequence for your abandoned cart

Abandoned cart emails are a great way to recover lost customers and convert the lost sales into a successful order and increase your profit. There are several reasons to abandon a cart like finding the same product with a lower price on some other website, your website checkout process is too complicated or the customer had a problem with the payment option. These things should be kept in mind while sending abandoned cart emails.

The email should be tailored according to the needs of the customers and problems faced by them to keep him interested in your business. More than 50% of the 5,000,000 emails sent by Rejoiner is accessed on a device other than the device the customer originally abandoned on. This should be kept in mind and should be treated properly. Special abandoned cart emails should be designed for mobile devices. Like for example, the call-to-action button should be perfectly sized so that it does not look too small or too big of a relatively smaller (mobile phone) screen.