Abandoned Carts

At a rate of 60% to 80%, Shopping Cart is abandoned on eCommerce stores; on an average which is, 67.91%. In simpler words, this states that, out of a hundred customers that come to your website to shop, 67 of them will abandon their cart and exit. This data will help you assess the trends in the market.

Having an understanding of Cart Abandon rates delivers an idea of how the market is changing, making a specific study of changes for each product. This can help you regulate your methods and points at profit maximization in your business. WooCommerce Abandoned Cart tracking plugin assists in tracking the rate of abandoned carts.

On your WooCommerce store, it calculates the cart activities by users, both registered and otherwise. The results show up on your built-in dashboard, data pages, and helps in understanding the market trend or know cart abandon rates in specific time periods.

This plugin dashboard is resourceful for a better understanding of data insights, showing products that are abandoned the most and how it impacts on revenue losses.

The cart abandon rates can incur a huge loss for businesses. It is so common that some of the biggest companies lose millions of bucks every year.

To counter this loss, they invest on research to come up with solutions exclusive to their problem. For a small online store on WooCommerce, this might seem too far fetched. But it isn’t! It is a real problem for any online store for that matter.

The solution lies in using the Abandoned Cart tracking plugin. It is one of the best shot you can get. Follow abandoned cart rates on your eCommerce website with one of the best plugins out there.

The plugin helps study abandoned cart rates and recover these carts, perhaps one of the most important aspects of the online store. It tracks the smallest of the details like email address and description of items added to cart (the price of the item, the quantity selected, and more).

Data is stored with the visitor email address. If the visitor adds items to the cart and leaves the site for more than fifteen minutes, the cart is considered abandoned.

The plugin keeps separate records for logged in users and guests. It provides data insight for overall abandoned cart counts along with revenue losses daily, weekly, or monthly in its analysis.

It also provides graphical representations of the reports for a better understanding of product wise abandon rates as well as revenue losses. WooCommerce keeps working on improving this experience and making the process smoother by the day.

How it processes?

Abandoned Cart Tracking follows up on every activity undertaken in regard to the cart on your store, including cart creation, cart update, item removal and the final event conducted on the cart by the user.

Merits of WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugin

You are saved losses by cart abandonment by their measurement of cart abandonment rates on the WooCommerce store. The measurement is accurate, to the point, displaying relevant charts and simplified models.

These can help you follow abandonment rates on a regular basis and cope with abandonment rates, finding actions to prevent them or even recover them.

Advanced Cart Recovery

This simple process resorts to emailing customers who have abandoned carts without completing the transaction. The plugin retains the settings of the cart after the user abandons it, and on revisiting, restores the cart. And all the previous content as the user had set up so that they may complete the transaction.

You can control the movement of the emails, setting up a schedule. The link accompanying the email directs the user to the cart they had organized before abandoning it, as the plugin saves the cart contents automatically.

So the user is just left with completing the order. The plugin also tracks the number of abandoned carts and those recovered via management screen and graphical representations.

Retainful: WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recover Emails

Retainful is a free plugin, one of the best of its lot when it comes to recovering abandoned carts for WooCommerce. It simplifies the process down to a single click. The customer has all the previous settings on his cart at his fingertips, catalyzing chances of the customer making a purchase from there.

Retainful helps create a group of recovery emails for the customer, and they are sent in a series once they abandon their cart. Emails and follow up emails are sent to the customers on a timely basis automatically as per your set up.

What the plugin does is help you personalize each abandoned cart mail by providing shortcodes for your usage. It provides you with reports of recovered value, abandoned cart value, and such.

It even allows you to send coupons and offers to the customers you choose. Or the most popular ones- a great way to boost sales by attracting more buyers and making you a loyalist.

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart is a premium plugin for WordPress for recovering WooCommerce cart. This plugin puts a timer on the carts, that is, you can put a cut off time on the abandoned carts. After a certain period of times has elapsed, the transaction will be considered incomplete by the plugin.

It provides a highly customizable email template, where you can customize everything from the sender’s name down to the reply address. It also displays a list of abandoned carts along with the customer’s name, email address, cart status, item details and more, in the “Carts” section.

This plugin helps you send special discounts to specific customers after they've abandoned their cart in order to entice them to complete transactions.

You can create coupon codes with YITH and send them on the email. They are customizable, and you can set up the value, validity and so on of the coupon codes, and keep them for one-time use, allowing the coupons to be used in a single order only. YITH provides a limited period free version for trial.