A chatbot, also known as a spy or a conversational interface, can communicate with a real person via artificial intelligence. Chatbots have become increasingly popular in the past few years.

Chatbots are much smarter and responsive and have made our lives, and office lives easier. More and more companies have started using chatbots as a part of their marketing activities.

Several businesses are using chatbots in different ways. Brands and companies are using chatbots for activities such as lead generation, ad targeting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and even in the recruitment process.

They are using chatbots to improve their operations and sales and connect with more number of customers for better business. Chatbots have become a part of every marketer’s strategy.

They have completed transformed the world of business and customer experience. The trend of chatbot marketing is here to stay and will continue in the future. Let us go through some chatbot examples and find out how the leading brands are using the bots in their marketing strategy.

These chatbot examples will help you in designing a chatbot for your business. Following are some of the best-designed chatbots used by the leading brands.

1.   eBay

eBay is one of the most popular e-commerce websites which has the most advanced chatbot. The chatbot of eBay will guide you and help you find the perfect item from all the categories. It will help you find things that are perfect for you and also suit your budget preference. It is a smart chatbot built for Google.

You can either use it with Google home or even on your phone. The best feature of this chatbot is the voice-only interface that makes it easier to navigate. It is one of the most used, and you should give it a try to understand how it works.

2.  HelloFresh

HelloFresh is a great app that helps you explore different recipes and learn step-by-step guides. The app has a messenger chatbot which can respond to various customer queries. HelloFresh’s app chatbot, Freddy, is one of the chatbot examples that you should learn from if you're thinking of designing your bot. The company used it during Black Friday sale and managed to increase its sales by bringing in 5 times more daily users with the help of the bot.

It has reduced the average customer wait time. It has not only helps with customer support. But offer various other services too including latest news and blog content from the app and giving Spotify playlist recommendations that one can listen to whenever they are cooking. The bot is designed wonderfully and is not at all complicated.

3.    Yes Sire

Yes, Sire is one of the most fun games available on Alexa. It is very interactive and the best-reviewed on Alexa store. The game has the right amount of exciting stories and turns that make it very effective and engaging for the users.

If you love gaming, you should check this chatbot game. But if you don’t enjoy gaming, you should consider it and give it a try. Try it once and be ready to experience the best chatbot game.

4.    Sephora

Sephora is a beauty store that has some of the best personal care and beauty brands. There is one more feature that makes the beauty brand amazing, which is the chatbot of Sephora.

Head over to Kik and chat with Sephora and learn everything in detail about makeup. It offers makeup tips, style inspiration, and also shows customized video content on the bot. Their assistant is so advanced that it will also provide you with the product reviews and ratings if a person is shopping in a store.

Chat to Sephora on Kik, and you’d know why we have included it in our list of top chatbot examples. Sephora chatbot is available on Kik and Facebook messenger.

Sephora was one of the early adopters and adopted chatbot in 2016 when it partnered with Kik. Today, the company has improved the user experience and has also observed an additional boost in sales.

5.    Domino’s Pizza

With the increase in technology over the last few years, marketers are continually looking for ways that can help them strengthen their brand and grab new customers.

And in this age of social media and user-generated content, the chatbots are increasingly becoming popular. Domino’s chatbot allows the user to order pizza and re-order previous orders.

It also offers the tracking option, and you’ll be able to track your find and find delivery updates. The chatbot makes the ordering process much more manageable.

Instead of ordering on the phone or waiting for sites to load on the website, the user has the option to order the pizza with just a click.

The best part is that you don’t have to leave and exit Facebook. You can order it whenever you’re online. Another best feature is that the user doesn’t have to download another website or open the site.

6.    Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular apps and is also considered as one of the best apps for music. It allows the user to listen to high-quality music for free on their smartphones and even on wireless devices.

Spotify launched a bot for Facebook Messenger. The bot assists the users and helps them discover and share music directly with their Facebook Friends in their chats only.

It not only makes it easier to share the playlist but also makes it easier for customers to search for and listen to music. The bot is a complete assistant which will offer you suggestions and playlist recommendations based on your mood and what you’re doing. The user can easily access the Spotify catalog while using Facebook only.

Times are changing, and your strategies should be too. A chatbot is one of the best marketing tools that can drive engagement and sales.   Chatbots are helping agents that can work 24/7 for you.

The brands mentioned above have the best-designed chatbots. Check these best chatbot examples if you’re thinking of designing your own.