E-Commerce marketing is all about engaging with customers through all the possible online platforms. Conversational marketing has been the ultimate solution to engage with customers and even customer retention.

Chatbots are serving the sole purpose of retention play a significant role in conversational marketing.

The demand for Chabot marketing has been rising continuously since the time of their inception. Especially the Facebook Chatbot messenger is now creating the buzz in E-Commerce marketing as it is found to be the most successful conversational marketing strategy when compared to other marketing strategies.

This demand made the existence of chatbots a must for any website. This compulsion often creates the urge to utter mistakes.

Below are a few common mistakes that many of the companies do when they are using the chatbots for the very first time. Here we go…

1. Lack of knowledge on the bot goals:

There are many e-commerce companies which often start the chatbots without any goals which can surely have an adverse effect on the business as the customers are not provided with the right solutions if you do not have a predefined goal for your bots.

Also, having a chatbot with a clear and focused strategy can help in targeting the right audience.

unclear and miscellaneous bots often mislead the customers and there are high chances of losing the customers.

2. Adjustment of the Conversational tone:

This is the most common mistake many businesses attempt to do while designing a chatbot.

Many chatbots often fail to identify the interest of the visitor and the stage he/she is in the buyer journey.

The chatbot should be able to identify the type of persona.

It should be designed in such a way that it can interact accordingly with a new visitor and a returning visitor.

3. Creating a nameless bot:

Chat Bots are not real humans. But, that doesn’t they can be nameless.

Give your chatbot a name and image that can well showcase your brand.

Having a name for the chatbot can turn the conversation friendly and lively.

Also, having a name for the bot can increase brand awareness and discoverability of the business as people often prefer sharing friendly and good bot experiences with others.

4. Being the Same:

There have been thousands of chatbots emerging daily in the huge e-commerce marketing space.

Especially with the advent of Facebook Chat Bot Messenger having a chatbot is now an easy thing for all the companies.

So, giving your chatbot an already existing name or image is of no new business.

having a unique name and attracting description can improve the search results of any business.

5. Over pushing the Product:

Send only limited messages to the customers is advisable when it comes to E-Commerce Marketing.

Instead, sending bulk and frequent messages seems to be over pushy, and there are high chances that people might think your product to be spam.

Over-automating the bot often helps in losing the legitimacy of your product.

Send appropriate messages to the customer’s inaccurate time.

6. Using inappropriate metrics to measure success:

Out of confusion, people tend to use the same measuring metrics for Google ads and the chatbots which are not acceptable because though ads and bots fall under the same umbrella of marketing, they have their method of approach for customers.

use the right metrics to measure the result of your chatbots instead of using the same old ways of measurement.

These are a few common mistakes that many E-Commerce companies make while using chatbots.

It’s not about successfully launching your chatbots for the website, but it is all about successfully using them to interact with the customers.

Take the necessary precautions by considering and correcting these mistakes before designing your chatbots for marketing. A chatbot is the best boon, but yet it can result in the ban of your business if not utilized properly.  So, carefully design an easy and simple chatbot that can relate to the audience.