E-Commerce marketing is the marketing used by the websites and business who sell their products electronically. E-commerce marketers usually make use of many digital marketing strategies like social media marketing, search engine marketing, performance marketing, etc. To generate visitors to their websites organically, who later turns into customers.

With the growing internet era, competition among online stores is also increasing. E-Commerce Marketing makes use of different types of digital marketing like Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, Performance Marketing, etc...  

In spite of using all these methods of digital marketing, only a few of the e-commerce stores are managing to be knowable and popular. Below are a few tips that can develop the best e-commerce marketing strategy.

1. Social Media – it’s all about being viral

It’s not about having or creating all the official social media handles, but try to maintain your pages updated by frequently posting on the new launches of your business. Having thousands of likes and comments are nothing if they do not increase your revenue or generate leads.

You don’t need to always direct market your products but even try in the alternative ways by posting informative posts to educate the audience who can then turn into prospective customers.

2.  The Abandoned Carts:

Do you know that a survey in recent times proved that 69.23% of the total shopping carts are abandoned. Abandoned carts are the same as the window shopping in offline shopping. However, online shopping has chances of recovery, unlike offline shopping.

The well-planned email marketing campaigns and facebook messenger marketing using bots are found to be the best tools to leverage the recovery abandoned carts in recent times.

3. The UI/UX:

Maintaining a  better UI/UX plays a crucial for any website, especially for E-Commerce Marketing, where everything mostly depends on the online presence of the website.

The clear design also helps in creating a trust to the audience and can also make the things easily understandable. You can even make use of  Woo Commerce and Shopify platforms, which are now helping in creating thousands of e-commerce stores.

4. Make It Mobile Friendly:

People always prefer mobile over laptop and desktop when it comes to browsing over the internet.  Mobile Phones are even comfortable to carry everywhere and anywhere when compared to laptops, desktops, etc... So having a well mobile-optimized website is essential for E-Commerce websites.

5. Choose the influencers right:

Influencer marketing started from the very early stage of traditional marketing itself. This is one common marketing strategy that can play an equal role in e-commerce marketing as well because it is it always revolves around being popular and viral.

An apt influencer always boosts up the sales of any online stores. It’s not that a product or business which is nothing can turn amazing or magical when endorsed by influencers, but it all falls in play when right influencers choose to advertise your brand.

6. Let the Public Speak:

Customer Feedback and happiness plays a crucial role in promoting your business. Find out the ways of which you are generating happy customers and make use of them to let the public be the promoters by posting the user-generated content and testimonials on the official social media handles of your product which can give a genuine universal appeal for the product or business. Conduct competitions and reward the winners, get the reviews, create new hashtags… never give up on trying.

7. Focus on E-Mail Marketing:

E-Mail Marketing is the usual practice for any E-Commerce websites. Sending right mailers at the right time to appropriate customers is important to generate leads. The best part of E-Mail marketing these days is that it can be automated and combine with other marketing strategies like Facebook Messenger marketing to publicize the product positively.

These are some marketing tips for E-Commerce Marketing. Don’t just leave the customers after purchasing the products.

Try to get in touch with them to let them know that you care about the quality of the products and the number of sales.  Make these tips a practice to be the best online store in the new age world of digital marketing.