Shopify is the best platform for E-commerce marketing companies and individuals. To be the most successful e-commerce marketing company, a solid foundation for digital marketing is an essential factor for any business.

To build a successful digital marketing strategy for a Shopify store, there are few methods of approach for different forms of digital marketing. By the end of this article, you will know the essential marketing strategies to run your online store successfully.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in digital marketing.

To rank the website on the top you need to find the targeted keywords with different intents of search (buyer, commercial, informational). You can use the tools like Keyword Planner, Uber suggest for finding the right targeted keywords based on your targeted location. Also, gaining quality backlinks are important to make your website recognizable and increase the domain page authority of the website as well.

On the other hand, getting backlinks from a poor quality website can harm your website as well. There are different methods to get backlinks like guest blogging, social bookmarking, article submission, profile creation, etc..

Also, make sure that you maintain a perfect balance between do-follow and no-follow backlinks. Do-follow links are the links which allow Google to crawl your website as they have a do follow tag mentioned in the HTML tag.

On the other hand, no-follow links do not allow the Google to scrawl your website. Though, a no-follow link does not allow Google to scrawl the website, but still it holds value as it gets some potential users to visit the website.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing plays a huge role in increasing brand awareness and engaging the audience with creative, attractive and relatable posts. Try to puzzle the audience by running and polls on the targeted products.

Instagram is a great platform especially for the youth who spend at least 3 hours on an average on scrolling the news feeds. Generate short but sensible videos that can turn your business viral in seconds.

A very famous e-commerce company uses poling to decide the products to be put on the offer. They conducted this polling on Twitter and as a result of the polling they witnessed many happy customers which increased the rate of sales and also customer engagement on the targeted products.

So, try to build effective branding strategies for various social media platforms to engage and connect with the audience

3. Pay per Click Campaigns

These campaigns are at when you are looking for immediate leads. Running PPC campaigns is found to be one of the most result-oriented digital marketing strategies. It doesn’t mean that Paid methodology works only for immediate results, but it also works for long-term results if organized properly.

It can also be used for speculating the mistakes happening in the process of the buyer journey as you will get clear statistics on several clicks, impressions, and leads as per your budget.

Keywords and Call- To- Action buttons play an important role in the Pay per Click Campaigns as well. So, choose appropriate keywords and right call-to-action buttons for the success of pay per click campaigns.
There are some efficient paid campaign marketing tools like ISpionage, Wordtracker, Search Monitor and many others which can help you with the right keywords and also give competitor analysis. Besides, the tools like Semrush can also help you in finding the backlinks of your competitors. Use the right tools as per your requirement to attain the desired results and maximum ROI for your ad campaigns.

4. E-Mail Marketing

Shopify offers a huge number of apps for e-mail marketing because it is the most traditional and ancient marketing strategy for both offline and online marketing. Time, subject line and body text plays a huge role in e-mail marketing. Utilize apps like Privy, E-Mail Pop-Ups, etc…   to design an effective e-mail marketing strategy.

5. Content Marketing

Content is the heart of any digital marketing strategy. When an E-commerce store is considered, content plays an important role anywhere and everywhere.  Try to be very precise when writing content for the product descriptions. Because a well-described content in an e-commerce website is always worth buying the product.  Also, ensure that you use proper Content Management Systems to update the content regularly whenever there are new launches of the product.

Never try to be pushy, instead, try to be genuine about the products and their quality. As the saying goes “Being wrong is far better than Faking perfection “always try being real and honest in terms of content.

These are the required tips for different forms of digital marketing for any e-commerce store on Shopify.

There are thousands of websites emerging in the e-commerce market space regularly. Don’t just think of the existence of your store but concentrate on excellence.  Just don’t miss out on the basic steps in the first place and the rest will automatically follow.

Try to excite the audience and generate curiosity. Introduce useful referral bonuses which can be helpful to both audience and business as well.