We are living in a digital era where anything can be made possible by the internet. E-Commerce Marketing is one of them which made the internet most happening thing in the world.

This name often reminds us of the famous online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, Wish, and the list goes on.

With the increasing demand for E-Commerce Marketing, there are many solutions that are coming up to make it more useful and customer-centric.

E-Commerce Marketing first came into existence in the year 1991.

Rolling forward to four years from then to four years, Amazon started selling books online in the year 1995.

Since then, there has been an exponential improvement in the E-Commerce Marketing.

With the advent of Shopify and Woo commerce, there are thousands and thousands of online shopping sites coming up daily.

But, only a few of them manage to satisfy the customers and be the most trending shopping apps over the internet. Customer retention is one of the useful things in the buyer’s journey to convert visitors into customers.

This is where a live chat comes in. Live Chat is the most essential tool for any online shopping site to interact with the customers as well as assist them through the website.

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The Messaging apps are the right choice out of the available options for any online shopping sites. Facebook is one of the best messaging apps, with over 1.3 billion users active online. This is the reason why many online businesses are including Facebook chat messenger as part of their marketing strategy. Below are few insights on the Facebook Chat Messenger that made it be the most dependable source.

1. Welcome Messages:

What is the first thing a shop owner does as a customer visits his store for shopping? It is probably a proper greeting that gives the customer a positive vibe to look at the products. This strategy is the same, even for E-Commerce Marketing.

With the Facebook  Messenger, you can now send welcome messages to all the customers and take them through their buyer journey to turn them into potential.

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2. Retarget the abandoned Carts:

The Facebook messenger App can be used to retarget the abandoned carts. As per the studies, 70% of the carts are found to be left by the customers.

Instead of using E-Mail for retargeting the messenger can be used as an excellent follow-up source as the open rates are found to be more for Messenger than E-Mail these days.

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3. Get the Archives:

Many of the Chat boxes do not provide information about the previous conversation. Once a visitor closes the chat window, there is no chance of getting back the clue of the previous conversation. This is where Facebook Messenger comes into play. It stores all the actions performed by visitors. This process helps in giving the old visitors with the new suggestions for their products.

4. Assist Customers with the right products:

Facebook Chat Bots can help your customers choose the right products by asking them relevant questions about their choice about the products. The chatbots can help the customers to have a personalized and customized experience. They can even display the product results as per the customer search history on the website.

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5.Excite with the Discounts and Bonuses:

Who would deny buying their favourite brands at a discount? The Messenger Chat Bot can be used to send out the bonus messages to the targeted customers with a time-bound coupon as well to turn them into the successful leaders. This can accelerate the buying process as many customers opt for discounted products.

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6. Get the Feedback:

The Facebook Chatbots can also be used to get feedback from the customers, which helps you to improvise on the customer requirements. The feedback is a valuable resource for customer retention, the more positive feedbacks you get the high are the chances of conversion.

7. It’s not always the bots:

The Facebook Messenger has also got an excellent feature called the Handover Protocol, which lets the real person speak to the customers when the questions are too complex and cannot be handled by bots. A business can use both bot and live chat conversation by real agents at the same time.


These are few insights on why Facebook Messenger chat that made it the most adaptable resource for E-Commerce Marketing. No wonder that it is going to be the only source soon. This is why many top brands, like Wish, Walmart, are now including messenger marketing as part of their marketing strategy.