If you are reading this, you might probably be the one like many others who have already agreed on the fact that Facebook Chatbot Messenger is the best tool to leverage the sales and for the customer retention as well.  

As the time spent by a user on social media is continuously increasing especially Facebook which has 80% open rates and 20% clickthrough rates, many e-commerce businesses are making Facebook chat messenger a compulsion for business.

If you have already started Facebook Chat Messenger, then below are few KPI’s of Facebook Chat Messenger which made many e-commerce businesses successful.

1.An eye on the contacts

The audience is essential for any marketing campaign. Make sure that your campaigns are reaching the audience; it is pointless offering a shoe to the one looking for a fridge. So, have an eye on the impressions and increase in the audience base.

2. It is not all about the conversations

Chatbots are not only about contacts and conversations, but what matters, in the end, is the number of potentials leads you are getting with the effective use of the Facebook Chat Messenger.

Track the open rates and click through rate regularly. Using Questionnaire forms can also be helpful when it comes to customer retention, which is the sole purpose of using chatbots.

3. Send the push notifications regularly

Never miss the opportunity to engage with the visitors who once visited your brand page, by exciting them with the available discounts of their interests.

However, the market in a proper way by sending limited push notifications. Sending bulk push notifications isn’t also advisable because there are high chances that the customers feel you are hard selling the product and flip off.

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4. Optimize the website with accurate landing pages:

Optimize your website with the appropriate landing pages before sending them to the users. Research on the best E-Commerce marketing techniques followed by many popular sites like Alibaba, e-bay, Amazon

5. Design the Chatbots to understand the point quickly:

The chatbots for messenger are mainly designed to have a quick interaction with the customers. Design your chatbots in such a way that they can grasp the customer problem or query quickly.

Making the customers wait is where many businesses loose customer. So, beware and design the chatbots in an accurate way.

These are few insights to be maintained and considered before building a chatbot for messenger. We will next move on to the success stories of the leading brands which have already made effective use of the Facebook Chatbots and leveraged the rate of success.

1. Sephora:

The well-known global beauty brand Sephora added the Facebook Chat Bot Sephora assistant to make the makeover bookings easy for the customers.

The customers just need to follow three easy steps to get a convenient location and time for their makeover which in turn increased the booking rates by 5% when compared to bookings through other channels.

2. Lego:

Founded in Denmark, Lego has been the leading toy manufacturer in the world. It introduced which offered people with gift suggestions. This strategy fits into the exciting stage of the buyer’s journey, and as a result, they saw a 3.4X leverage of  heir budget spent on the ad campaign in messenger.

3. Zennya

This online wellness platform used facebook messenger chat to hire therapists and eventually got an 8X leverage on the amount spend for the ad campaigns. It has also made effective use of messenger conversation making hiring an easy process with quick HTML formatted responses.

4. Belle Fever:

The online fashion accessories brand which is founded in 2012 tried out the conversational messenger chatbot to improve the shopping experience for all the visitors to encourage personalized jewellery to record the special moments of life by gifting jewellery to the dearest one. They have engaged an audience in an uni9que by introducing a spinning wheel to drive in potential customers. Its creative ad campaign runs from January 26-Feb 1, 2018 has a result of 65% increase in the customers and also 4x return on the ad spent.

These are a few famous brands and their techniques used for the effective use of Facebook Chatbots. Get the best Facebook Chatbot provider now in the market to skyrocket the sales and customers. Chatbots are going to be the future of all the marketing strategies from now.