Where there are humans, there will be mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes can cost the businesses a lot. In these scenarios, to minimize the error, Facebook Messenger Bots come in real handy.

Due to the efficiency of Facebook Messenger Bots and it’s accessibility, it will soon be replacing the email marketing system, mobile applications and customer care executives.

The most famous and hyped about chatbot right now is the Facebook Messenger Bots. According to a survey by Oracle, around 80 percent of global businesses want a chatbot active for them before 2020.

Facebook Messenger Bot

A chatbot is basically an automated messaging system. It used artificial intelligence to understand questions, give solutions and execute the task.

A Facebook messenger bot is an automated messaging bot that is part of the facebook messenger. Facebook has nearly 1.3 billion active messenger users per month having conversations with chatbots.

Advantages of Facebook messenger chatbot in business

Chatbot has many advantages over the commonly used email marketing and applications. A chatbot is an ideal way to target audience for instance in facebook. As it is easily accessible and facebook messenger is used by 68 percent of the Facebook users. According to a study, messaging is the second most preferred way of reaching a business.

Whereas on the other hand, 71 percent of the mobile applications lasts only up to 90 days before getting deleted.

Another advantage of messenger chatbot is that competition is really less. Facebook has nearly 6 million advertisers with only 300,000 chatbots.

Whereas marketing emails are so much frequent that they irritate the customers and 70 percent of them remains unopened.

Chatbots can retain and create interests in people to change them into a paying customer for the business. People tend to lose interest while contacting through emails rather than live conversations.

Let’s now focus on what you can exactly do with Messenger bot to grow your business.


Headliner Labs found that people are 3.5 percent likely to open Facebook Messages than to open a marketing email. The User Interface of facebook messenger is highly responsible. And just select the task or question from a list of already created messages

Adds a positive point to the experience. They don’t even have to write the message. They can just go on selecting already framed messages to obtain their solution or to get their job done.

Moreover, you can also use personalized advertisements and send them to your subscribers (who were previously in touch with your page or bot) and target highly interested customers more to invest in your business.


Every business needs a 24/7 Customer helpline. When customers face some problems, they get really impatient while waiting on hold to talk to a customer care representative and that really adds a bitter taste to the experience. And the questions asked about the problems are mostly repetitive and this is where automation can really help.

Framing the problem with some suitable sets of responses will surely solve the problem and will save you some time to focus on the part of the business that the chatbot can’t handle.


Facebook Messenger Bots can be made quite sensible. They can understand the value of the conversation and can read the needs of the customers and can extract high quality leads by asking some basic question(“How much money you would like the package to cost”,” Preferably Hotel location”,etc.,) and directly forwards them to the assigned department.


A bot with the right programming can even sell products and convince the customer to buy the product with the customer also at a feeling of ease. Everything happens in the known, secure and comfortable facebook messenger so convincing the customer is not that big deal.

Facebook Messenger Bots can study the person from the conversation and can offer personalized product and services and can give quick suggestions. “Low on cash? Want to pay with card” to “Movie will be long, Isn’t a popcorn great?”.


Facebook Messenger Bots can remember and save old information and personal details and can use them to hit the customer in the right place and get the job done.

The Facebook Messenger bots can reach users personally and can offer appropriate contents at the right time and can steal the deal. This makes chatbots more efficient than advertising. Giving customers some special offers on their birthdays or reminding them about the item in their cart they added and didn’t buy or informing about the trip they made last year this time.


Every Facebook Messenger bot can be programmed in a unique way as the business itself.

Bots can help you with a commonly asked question such as delivery tracking, tickets, and appointments booking. They can help you explore products according to your preference and can also suggest products that will be compatible with the product you are choosing.

Bots will give you jeans suggestions that will look good with the t-shirt you just ordered or the best dinner to offer from a restaurant. They will remember each of your personal details and will notify with special offers just for you.


If you want a boost in your business in this modern world where social media is such an important part of our daily lifestyle. Then the Facebook Messenger bot is the smartest and best way to target and attract customers. With chatbots predicted to tackle 85 percent of the customer service interactions by 2020.

Here are a few best-in-class chatbot examples to inspire you,

Sephora Bot can book you an appointment for a makeover in a Sephora Store. The Sephora Bot was able to convert 11 percent more bookings than any other option for booking an appointment.

UNICEF’s U-report bot gathers opinions, ideas, and data from the youth populations around the World about sensitive issues and helps them raise their voice to bring positive social and political changes.

Chatfuel is a leading platform to create AI-powered Facebook messenger Bots.

Ecart.chat is the perfect Facebook messenger Bot for your e-commerce. This bot is capable of capturing messenger leads and converting them into sales. It can study customer requirements and can give suitable suggestions.

This bot can deliver personalized answers to your customers to help you keep their interest in your business.

Facebook Messenger bots can help your business grow to new levels. Facebook Messenger Bots are really powerful tools. Automate the easy part of the conversation and save your time and energy both to take care of the mental attention demanding part of your business.