Reach out to your customers the New gen way! Facebook Messenger campaigns are here to rule!

Messenger campaigns engage people into conversations with your business and helps you drive the results that matter!

Facebook Messenger has a global reach and the Messenger can be used to your advantage.

You can reach customers instantly with Facebook Messenger messages. As with other Facebook platforms, these Messenger chat bots target customers directly and drive campaign results at cost effective prices.

These campaigns can be done with the same creative you have made for Facebook or Instagram use.

For ecommerce sites there are many cold browsers. Many people just browse through without much buying taking place.

They might even add items to their shopping cart only to later abandon the cart and not purchase as they lose interest.

Retargeting is the only solution to increase the abandoned cart revenue. Nowadays, more and more top ecommerce merchants are combining Facebook Messenger with their email campaigns.

Facebook Messenger bots as well as the Messenger checkbox — are the keys to increasing your abandoned cart revenue.

They can even target people as they receive a message when they abandon a cart. Online merchants can use email + Messenger to recover abandoned carts.

When people see these messages in their Chats tab in their Messenger app, they tap on the ad & they get a detailed view of the offers,  with a call-to-action which will take Facebook Messenger to start a conversation with your business on Messenger.

Getting a bigger target audience for your E-commerce store is highly essential for business success! Feeling at sea where to begin? Why not get started with a Facebook Messenger retargeting campaign?

Retargeting helps you to:

Promote discounts of your products to people who are really interested in buying it.

  • Promote discounts of your products to people who are really interested in buying it.
  • Promote to people on a mobile device
  • Promote upsells and cross-sells
  • Remind a potential customer of the product they were seeking for
  • Depending on what someone has already bought you can promote related categories of products.

As there are so many strategies for retargeting customers it helps to have an overall idea on what you can apply for your E-commerce store. Do have a look…

Adding Facebook Messenger Chat bots like saas application to your email campaigns results in more customers and more revenue.

How to set up a Facebook Messenger campaign for your Woocommerce site?

Set up the Facebook Messenger saas Chatbot

When you start marketing on Facebook you can find new customers and increase sales for your online store.

Set up the saas Facebook Chat bot on your Woocommerce store and you can maximize your campaign performance.

It helps to reduce open carts and regain sales by re-targeting customers. You can first, collect messenger ID from customers, and sent order updates and reminders to them.

Easily capture more Messenger Leads

You can collect Messenger leads with Discount Popup, Updates Popup and Add to Cart Checkbox.

Recapture abandoned carts and convert them into sales

Now it’s possible to boost the E-commerce store's revenue by double-digit percents! You can convert abandoned carts into sales.

Enhance revenue through Messenger Marketing Campaigns

You can get more Signups, Open rates at over 70% higher than email and click through rates that are miles ahead. The cost per lead decreases staggeringly. Send targeted messages to specific customer segments and build a community.

Many online retailers have found success using the Facebook Messenger Chatbot for their Woocommerce store.

When you can reach a customer in less than five minutes it is critical to qualifying a lead, and of course personalizing those messages can help you drive lower costs and build loyalty. Facebook Messenger campaigns can specifically help you with great remarketing.

Much more than that, the Messenger platform is great for starting a sales conversation that is otherwise hard-to-get. You can instantly start real, natural conversations that can help you nurture a potential lead until they convert.

By sending abandoned cart messages to prospective customers on multiple channels you can increase the chances of a conversion.

Email tend to get lost at times or a message gets ignored. But Woocommerce stores can increase their chances by doubling their communication channels.