Activity on social media has been steadily increasing for the last few years, connecting people globally. At an estimate, there are about four people between two individuals who are strangers. That is how deeply we are connected. Putting this connectedness in use, Facebook Messenger has eased marketing, bringing together the buyer and seller easy and making contacting smooth. No more hassle of calling at a time convenient for both parties respond at a time each one finds comfortable. You can even have a detailed look at the product before buying it via images and videos, which cannot be possible over the phone. And all this can be done sitting at home.

Growth of Messenger in Marketing

It has been found in a recent study conducted on 12,500 people from about 100 nations that
• 61% of the respondents prefer personalized messaging in closing business deals.
• 63% admitted that they are now spending more time on messaging with business than it used to be a few years back.
• 56% of people prefer messaging over calling.
• About 50% of the respondents prefer conducting business with people they can message.

Here’s how you can utilize Messenger for marketing!

•  Describe in details information related to your products:
Emails were the best way to reach potential customers. Not anymore. Rather than asking customers to fill up forms and receive walled content through email, people showed more interest in getting the contents on Messenger.

Help find the right content:
Assist customers “pull” content with the help of Messenger. Usually, the content is “pushed”, be it product area, information about the product, or premium, walled content. In companies like Whole Foods Market or Food Network assist customers to choose what they want through Facebook Messenger. Your priority should not be selling products, but leading users to your site. Make sure the site is mobile responsive. Maintain transparency in communication; keep the assurance that in case of a problem, the customer can contact you easily. Also, allow the use of browsing menu. It makes searching a product easier.

Many times, people forget they have signed up for events. As a web store, there is no need to organize events. There are event organizers ready to do so via bots. They recommend personalized events, thus keeping the customer happy with both the organizer and the e-store. You can lower your prices as the organizer will pay for each participant.

Provide Customer Support over Facebook:
Customers usually have high expectations when communicating with the company. Make sure you are responsive. Referring to the study above, keep in mind customers are more comfortable with messaging than calling, so it is always appreciated if you get back to any queries or complaints quick enough. This is an advantage over big brands that take over 30 hours to respond. Response within 4 hours is considered ideal. However, you run the risk of losing potential customers to other companies if you are not quick enough.

• Maximize e-commerce sales through Messenger Marketing

Use facebook messenger chatbot for e-commerce stores to reduce open carts and regain sales by re-targeting customers.

According to
Get the Leads
You can capture Messenger leads, wherever you are, whatever time it be! Add pop-ups for discounts, updates, and the “Add to Cart” box.

•  Carts Empty? No worry!
Make use of abandoned carts. Boost revenues by converting these to sales and hit double-digit percentages!

Messenger, yes. Mails, not quite!
Boost revenue by opening sales at 70% higher than that of emails, receive more signups. Put Click through rates long ahead. Decrease cost per lead. Build community by communicating with target customers.

Talk the Deal Through
Get to know what the customer wants better. Use intelligent Chatbox and get the customers what they want.

Now you can “GROW”, “INTERACT’ and “SUPPORT”! Increase your customer circle with customized pop-ups; supply information via chats; send offers, promotions and attractive deals to your customers.

Other ways to utilize Messenger


Messenger bots can help you grow. Facebook ads redirect to these bots, capturing a target audience based on their interests. The potential customer is given the option to choose from chatting with a bot by selecting ‘Message’ or with the seller by selecting ‘Conversation’. Make sure you are responsive and answer quick enough in order to hold the interest of the client. Setup the bot to greet automatically when a person sends a message, and respond conveniently. Be creative, it is the best strategy to gain attention.

Facebook Advertising

With the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry, you can utilize the market to your advantage if you tread carefully and intelligently. To increase the audience, connect the client by messaging them via automatic response whenever the leave a comment on Facebook. These are popularly called Comment guards, and they are free. If the person responds to the message, then you can expect a deal closed. The person is automatically added to your list of prospective customers. It also increases your engagement on Facebook, thus helping it reach a wider audience.

To improve engagements, add polls or GIFs to your products’ posts. Conduct surveys to know what the market demands. Ask for opinions. Anything to get people interested in your products positively! It helps increase the chances of closing solid deals and also spreading to more potential clients.

Chat Blasting

Use Chat blasting. It sends a message to all your Messenger contacts and comes with the additional benefit of getting high open rates in sixty minutes. Compared to emails, it is a huge boost. Allow subscriptions on Facebook so that interested people are notified immediately as you post updates. However, you cannot send advertisements or promotional messages, rather notifications. Keep the process well within Messenger’s policies, and the experience smooth. You can also add Click to Messenger advertisements on Facebook, automatically capturing potential customers.

Facebook Messenger marketing is an impossibly wonderful way of reaching more people. Remaining within the policies and terms, you can capture the market and swell profits. Try it out and you won’t live to regret it.