You must have seen your retailer sending you messages on your Facebook messenger. There are high chances that you have received the message as a result of an incomplete shopping attempt.

An abandoned cart is one of the most significant issues faced by the e-commerce industry. There can be so many reasons behind your customer leaving the purchase incomplete. For instance, they may have changed their mind, and the product is too expensive, etc. no matter what the reason is the main thing here is that they didn’t complete the purchase.

According to studies, it has been found that around 70% of the customers tend to leave their purchase incomplete. With a short attention span, the number is likely to increase further. This is where it becomes important for e-commerce sites to gain back the attention of their customers.

E-commerce sites send abandoned card notifications to their customers to recapture their attention. This is perhaps the best way to complete the purchase. In this article, we are going to discuss how messenger can be used to turn abandoned carts into sales.

Why use a messaging app?

There are more than 4.1 billion people who are known to use messaging apps. The number only seems to rise with each passing year.

According to statistics, in 2016, 6 minutes was the average time that was spent by people using messaging apps. In 2017, it increased to 8 minutes. It didn’t stop there as in the following years, we witnessed another significant leap. This gives brands the golden opportunity to reach their brands through a messaging app.

Reasons why using a Messenger is better than email

Businesses are also known to make use of emails to reach their customers. However, that doesn’t seem to be much useful when compared to the messenger. If you wonder why, here are the reasons to blame.

Higher open rate

In comparison to emails, the messenger has a higher open rate. Based on a study conducted by Mail Chimp, it has been found that the average email open rate is only 15.66%. On the other hand, the average open rate of the messenger is 88%.

This alone gives you all the reasons you need to choose messenger over email campaigns.

Improved customer experience

Abandoned cart notifications sent through Facebook messenger have a better experience. That’s because the notifications sent to the customer forces them to open a new page. This is where the messenger proves to be more productive.

The good thing about messenger is that the notification directly opens within the app. this means that the customer doesn’t have to load a new page or open a browser. The link sent through the notification will automatically take you to the app.

Other than that, you can also personalize recommendations to your potential customers when sending the notification through messenger.

Higher click-through rate

Facebook messenger also has a high click-through rate. This is yet another reason to choose a messenger over email.

In the past few years, click through rates in emails have declined drastically. Based on a study conducted by MailChimp, click through rates via emails is only 2.07%.

That’s too less. One of the main reasons behind the decline of email click-through rates is because of the oversaturation of emails. However, this is not the case with the messenger. Thus, it is an effective way of getting through to your customers.

When it comes to messenger, people have control over whom they want to interact with. Therefore, they clear out the noise and thus, allowing companies with permissions to send them messages.

Using Facebook Messenger for selling more e-commerce products

Currently, Facebook messengers have over 1.3 billion monthly active users. Not just that, but around 2 billion messages are being exchanged between end users in a given month. This provides a massive opportunity for businesses to make use of the platform to reach their customers.

With the help of a messenger, businesses can convince their customers to make purchases. However, many of the shops are having a hard time tapping into this market.

According to studies, 47% of the customers didn’t experience a positive live chat in the last month. Not just that, but around 56% of the customers have never even experienced a live chat before.

This means you can make great use of Facebook messenger to make your brand stand out in the eyes of your customers. One of the main advantages of using messenger is that customers don’t have to leave the app.

whether it be playing games, sending money or making purchases, they can do it all within the messenger app. this gives businesses the chance to send abandoned cart notifications through Facebook messenger.

Since the majority of the people are engaged in messenger, they will open your notification. Unlike in emails, the customer won’t ignore it, or your notification will not get lost in a bundle of other emails. Also, the messenger has a higher click-through rate, which means the majority of the customers are going to open their incomplete purchase.

For example, out of 10 people, at least 6 of them will complete their purchase when they reminded them of their abandoned cart. This makes it easier for businesses to recapture their potential customers.

From the above discussion, it is clear that messenger is much more effective than any other medium like emails. For businesses, it is the best way to recapture the attention of their customers. On the other hand, customers have the chance to control whom they want to interact with.

This means that only brands with permissions can send you messages regarding the sale or your abandoned cart. It is because of all these reasons, businesses should pay more attention to Facebook messenger. It can help them increase their sales like no other medium.