Some marketers are betting that the rules of the trade have been changed forever. Messenger Marketing is so big now that it can be ignored only at one’s own peril. In a survey, over 63% of those quizzed reported that they are using Messaging for their marketing. About 56% found it to be more effective than call centers for customer service.

Customers of today with access to internet on their mobile phones are more comfortable with shops and establishments that they can reach through message.

Big and exciting

Facebook Messenger is one of the messenger apps that are exploding in popularity. This is why Messenger Marketing has grown exponentially and will continue to grow in the years to come.

Millions of companies will very soon use Messaging apps to connect to their customer numbering billions – and make this tool the leading way to communicate to customers.

Messenger Commerce or Conversational Commerce began as recently as 2018 leading to easy purchase of goods and services through the use of Facebook Messenger. There are marketers who even sell cars through messaging apps.

What it can do

Messenger Marketing forms generate higher open rate and click rate many times over than email. Customers can be given the opportunity to try out or test new items, leading to use and subsequently, sales.

Facebook Messenger can be easily used to push content to targeted audiences and followers. This can be utilized to make customers ‘pull’ relevant content that they like. It can be details about the products or information they like.

It is a non-intrusive way to connect with customers, selling to customers subtly and in a responsive and responsible way. Information on who to access products and services are provided and give access to persons they can contact for assistance about the product. This is especially helpful for electronic gadgets and technical products.

The most useful task of Facebook Messenger is during the conduct of events. It helps in engaging prospective participants and getting them to join the programs. It sends information and reminders about the event, making them want to sign up.

High-quality leads

Facebook Messenger is a great way to generate high-quality leads that have the potential to convert into sales. The response rate can be as high as 85% and even the lowest range comes to around 35%. This is exciting and favorable for marketers.

When prospective customers click on Messenger ads that target customers within a specific target segment within a geographic area, they can be brought into a Messenger conversation with

The bot can be used to engage audiences. Such services promise nearly 88% Open Rates and 56% CTRs when compared to email marketing campaigns.

Re-engaging Customers

Facebook Messenger is popular for making it easy to chat with customers. It helps in assisting the customer to take the decisions to buy. With the aid or, abandoned carts can be re-targeted and the customer can be sent personalized messages. This helps in driving more sales from abandoned carts by re-engaging with customers.

Customers can be brought back to the fold with this personal and personalized way to connect. It is interactive and engaging. It gives the customer interactive experience.

More Platforms

Now marketers will get the opportunity to engage with customers through more platforms. After Facebook, WhatsApp has emerged as an engaging way to connect with potential customers. Very soon phones will have RCS (Rich Communication Services) which is slated to replace text messaging (SMS) in the future.

It will have the facility to send formatted messages, buttons, images and more. This means, virtually anyone who has a phone can be targeted through Messenger Marketing.

Chat based bots like are becoming complex every day. Both the customer and the marketer are finding this medium to be helpful and beneficial.

What is to be expected?

Everyone will be receiving surveys and response inducing messages after every visit to a restaurant, a hotel or any other services provider. They will want you to rate them, seek to know your experience and offer you discounts on your next engagement with them. Thus Messenger Marketing will become more all pervasive and a constant part of our lives.

All the information from the engagement will be stored and analyzed. Insights will be gained from them to provide better, engaging and personalized services.

This is the best time for marketers to join the bandwagon and profit from the trend. Customers can expect better and targeted engagement with service providers who will know your preferences and likings.

Customer service will also be at your fingertips which can be accessed easily and whenever needed. Messenger Marketing will continue its growth and the marketing space is going to become bigger, better and more engaging in the future.