Everyone who is new to Facebook Messenger Marketing is quickly learning that there is one major mantra for success. That is to grow your subscriber's list.

If someone sends a message to you on your messenger, that person becomes your subscriber and then you can utilize your connection to send that person appropriate marketing messages.

They also become your subscriber if they respond to the messages you have sent them. The key to Messenger Marketing, you will quickly learn, is largely about reaching out to the right audience within the Messenger platform and marketing to them better.

The task of getting subscriptions

As most marketers will tell you, the real tough task is to grow your subscriber's list. It is said these days that learning to grow your Facebook Messenger subscribers list is a key skill that a business owner or marketer should acquire.

Thankfully there are many methods that can be adapted to build the list. If you wish to increase the revenue on your E-store, one of the best ways to capture Messenger leads is by utilizing Ecart.chat.

Messenger Ads

One of the foremost strategies is to use Messenger Ads, which will trigger comments and start off a conversation on Facebook Messenger.

Typically it will be a person who has commented on the Ad. Now the Ad. can offer a discount code that can be redeemed on the website for getting a reduction on price when buying something they like.

The Ad itself could be in such a way that it triggers a response with a message. As soon as the reply is got, a subscriber is added.

Another method is to prompt customers to give a confirmation on the checkbox. This will enable the customer to receive order updates through Messenger.

This will help the customer to give order confirmation or track the parcel during delivery. Once they do this, they become your subscriber.

Chat Plugin

Chat Plugin is that little chat icon that pops up with a message when you visit the online store. This chat plugin prompts you to make queries about what you wish to buy or the doubts you want to be cleared.

The bot then responds through your Facebook page’s inbox. You can take your time to reply but, you are truly hooked. Customers love to buy from an online store where they can get reliable information.

The best way to build trust is through a conversation. The better the interaction, the better will be the response.

Popup on Exit

This is an interesting way to collect and increase Messenger subscriber list. While leaving the store, the customer is given discount coupons, free shipping offers and add on gifts.

For this, the customer will have to accept and permit contacting them through Messenger. The coupons are typically sent to their Messenger and they automatically become subscribers.

Migrating Emails

Another good way to grow your subscription list is to utilize your Email subscribers by sending them Emails where they are instructed to commence a conversation with you through Messenger by including the Messenger URL or Code within the Email newsletter.

There is a good chance of achieving a 10% click rate, which is good enough. Marketers can effectively utilize Ecart.chat which helps you increase your revenue thorough Messenger Marketing Campaigns.