Messenger marketing is quickly becoming a new marketing tactic used in the digital world. It is using mobile and chat platforms to communicate and engage with prospects and customers.

Out of all the messaging platforms, Facebook rules the social media world. It is one of the biggest social networking sites in the world, and one of the largest messaging channels, with about 2.38 billion monthly active users.

Be it a small business or prominent brands, all of them are relying on the influencers. The trend of influencer marketing has truly gone mainstream. And these days’ influencers are using different tactics and strategies to boost their engagement.

One of the latest trends that Influencers are using is Facebook messenger marketing.  Facebook is becoming one of the most engaging platforms for the influencers.

More than 2.38 billion people are using Facebook every month; the social network is one of the best sites for felicitating more authentic conversations and strengthens relationships.  

The best part about messenger marketing is that it helps you connect with your audience on a personal level. You are directly sending your message into an individual’s inbox.

It will help in communicating and better connecting with your viewers. Facebook message autoresponder is one of the best tools that allows and facilitates the communication process in this type of marketing.

Keep on reading to find out the effective strategies if you’re an influencer or thinking of becoming an influencer.

Consider turning on the automated responses option on your Facebook page as using messenger marketing is one of the most effective techniques. Let us now examine some of the most efficient Facebook messenger marketing strategies that you should try.

1. Use bots and build your list

Using chatbots is a very effective way to enhance consumer experience and will help you by becoming your assistant. You can use messenger chatbots or instant message option. Bots are on the messenger exists in different forms, such as travel, personal, cooking, and advice bots.

You can also turn people who comment on your posts and add them to your list. Sending them a direct message will be like sending them an immediate notification in their inbox which will be extremely beneficial if you’re trying to grow your name in the influencer industry. Building the list is necessary as only then you can use messenger to send messages.

2. Add Facebook messenger customer chat option to your website

Adding messenger customer chat widget to your WordPress site will be beneficial to you. As anybody who will message you or send their feedback in the website chat option will automatically become your Messenger contact. This list can be used for chat blasting and sending updates regarding your new posts notifications directly in their inbox.

3. Build a personal Facebook messenger

The most important thing on Facebook messenger is to ask the right questions. Therefore, it is necessary that you should build your messenger bots. As it can happen that a person is sending a complaint and the bot is sending the message, “Thank you. We will get back to you later.” For reference, you should check out H&M’s Kik chatbot. H&M launched their chatbot intending to help people for outfit inspiration and act as a personal stylist.

If you’re a fashion influencer, you can also do something like this. You can use bots to make your chat more personal and interactive. Similarly, if you’re an influencer of any other niche, you can develop your messenger bot according to that.

4. Know what your customers want from you

By using a messaging application, you can quickly discover what your customers want and what are the areas that you need to improve. Ask your customers for weekly feedback.

Make a google feedback form and ask your followers to share their personal views and what they like on your page and what type of content they don’t like. You may do it weekly or monthly, depending on the response rate of your audiences. However, according to experts and marketers, open rates are much better in Messenger Marketing.

5. Send updates to followers

Chat blasting is a technique similar to email blasting. In this, you send messages to mass people on your contact list. Just like email marketing, you should do chat blasting on Facebook.

Since messenger chat is more engaging; you’d be able to reach out to your target audience in a much easier way. Send updates about your new blog posts, share promotional posts, and codes. The open rate is much better as compared to the email blasting. Therefore, whenever you have a new blog post or any new offer, you should share it with your followers and chat blast to your contacts.

6. Create ads that click to the messenger

Click-to-messenger ads are one of the best ways to land people in your messenger contact lists. It will also help you get more engagement and traffic on your page. Always make sure that the ad consists of a great offer or a creative graphic. If anybody clicks at that ad, they will get add on your contact list, and then you can use those details for your marketing and chat blasting.

In conclusion, we can say that messenger marketing is one of the best trends that influencers and brands should use. Messenger chatbots are available 24*7, and the best part is their response is instant, which will be beneficial for you in building your relationship with the customers.

Adopt these six strategies in your influencer marketing strategy and see the outstanding results. If you want to develop an engaging and interactive audience, messenger marketing is the trend that you should choose.

These are some of the most powerful strategies that will help you grow and progress in your career. Influence with Facebook messenger and see the growth and change in your engagement rate. Prominent brands such as SnapTravel, Sephora, UNICEF, and The Golden State Warriors are already using Facebook messenger to drive engagement. Now, it is your turn to understand the potential of Facebook messenger and use that to influence your audiences.