Anyone who runs an e-commerce website knows communication between the brand and the consumer is very, very important. Now more than ever, it is absolutely necessary for brands to get a tight grip on their consumers’ attention before they turn away.

Though there are numerous options to help connect with your consumers, the best-proven way to it is undoubtedly through social media. And in the several social media platforms available, Facebook is one of the most convenient places to reach your consumers. Messenger marketing tools are the god-sent gift that will help you get there.

To sum it up in a few words, simply marketing to your customers using a messaging app is messenger marketing. It helps your business by building a list of leads, keeping them engaged by sending them relevant content and ultimately helps convert them into revenue.

Though conceptually, it may sound very similar to Email marketing, in practical application it is very different.

Here are the top 9 tools that are tested and proven to increase revenue by businesses worldwide


Octane AI is the leading and trusted e-commerce marketing platform that builds chatbots. It primarily focuses on building chatbots for Shopify and other e-commerce platforms. It supports businesses by sending messages to their subscribers and helps automate the marketing done through Facebook Messenger. The platform does not require any manual coding.

Octane AI helps business with the following

  • Sends reminders to customers about the product left behind in the cart, which helps recover them, via Facebook Messenger and mail.
  • Abandoned carts are recovered without any new campaign
  • Based on the customers browsing history, it recommends products to the customers
  • Checks the customer's order status and automates all customer service, all in one single place.
  • The bots can be trained over time with AI to help improve customer service and communication over time.
  • It helps automate all your marketing campaigns
  • Helps by automating the shipping address and updates shipping status
  • Provides the feature of advanced revenue tracking within the bot


Recart's messenger marketing tool focuses mainly on 'Abandoned cart Recovery'. It uses Automated Facebook Messenger Campaigns that helps turn cart abandoners to successful and satisfied buyers by sending them reminders, offers, receipts & shipping notifications.

It also provides the service of follow up messages, feedbacks, and send reminders for the available offers. It helps businesses generate a valuable list of leads that becomes their assets.  The biggest perk? The customers do not have to enter information manually. The user needs to only agree to a checkbox. It's that convenient.


Chat Champ is the perfect software for all e-commerce platforms seeking messenger-marketing automation. The software delivers engagement, customer retention and drives conversion all through personalized customer communication on Messenger.

Chatchamp's SaaS web app and plugins can be up in as less as 5 minutes and can be applied on big shop systems such as WooCommerce, Shopify and other custom websites. Depending on the customer's activity on the web-shop, the software helps generate customized messages for the customer.

  • Chat Champ supports marketing campaigns, abandoned carts and also cancelled order recoveries. Like most tools, it also provides shipping details, updates and collects feedback.
  • It grows and learns the user's behavior and becomes better and more efficient in time.
  • Without an extensive supply of marketing knowledge, Chat champ can automate campaign management.

4. ECART.CHAT is also a messenger Marketing solution for e-commerce. helps e-commerce owners to engage and support customers through Facebook messenger. It mainly focuses on Abandoned Cart Recovery and help convert dormant customers to active sources of revenue.  This Messenger Marketing tool helps to build a relationship with potential customers. is focused on 3 tasks

1.Grow –  By collecting the Messenger leads

2. Engage – via updates and offers and via automated conversations

3. Support- By sending useful blog content, collecting feedback, etc.

To know more about or to avail their services, click here.


Like most Messenger marketing tools, Flash Chat is also a Messenger marketing platform that helps e-commerce merchants to increase and improve their conversions with regards to customer journey using Automated Messenger Conversations.

The platform claims to convert ten times more abandoned carts to sales and can be fully configured within 5 minutes. The change in sales can be monitored within the first few hours of installation.

The key features of the software are

  • They offer Free Trial
  • They generate messenger campaigns for abandoned cart recovery
  • Unlimited Facebook Messenger Subscriber-Contacts
  • They carry growth tools like

- Messenger Pop-up

- Add-to-Cart Pop-up

- Add-to-Cart Widget

- Add-to-Cart Discount Widget

  • Replies for 'Hot-Words' on the site
  • Support via Email and Live Chat


With-in two whole minutes, the Many Chat tool helps you create a Facebook chatbot for your marketing needs. It supports functions that help increase sales and performance and can be used by anyone without any coding experience. It does this by using a visual drag and drop builder. It also provides the tools that help businesses turn their audience to subscribers who bring-in revenue. All the e-commerce owner needs to do is connect their Facebook page to Many Chat and done!

For anyone who is new to this, Many Chat offers a free video training course that will walk you through the process of building a chatbox for your business.


Like other messenger marketing tools, Mobile Monkey also helps generate, maintain, and turn leads into revenue. It helps build intuitive messenger chatbot tools that give business high ROI marketing. It provides businesses with a choice of two plans, the 'Free Plan' and the 'Pro Plan.'

Business can choose the most useful Mobile Monkey tool for their needs from the list of tools given below

  • Chatbot Builder
  • Chat Blaster
  • Chat Drip Campaigns
  • Chatbot Contact Growth Tools
  • Chatbot Analytics


Smooch does everything that has to with messaging for your business while you take care of making the perfect product. It works towards enhancing your business software that currently exists and with the power of effective conversation. Smooch is trusted by leading enterprise companies, SaaS start-ups, and bot platforms.

It uses a single API to connect your software to the messaging platform of your choice. What sets Smooch apart is its ability to integrate with applications on web and mobile.


Unlike most tools, Chats Guru offers not one but several channels for their customers re-targeting their customers' abandoned carts. The app hooks in revenue by understanding the customers' shopping behavior and engages with them on platforms such as Email, Text Message, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Ads.

It helps converts more than 20% of lost customers into sales. The software is up and running in a matter of a few seconds and does not involve any manual coding.

Chat Guru's plug-in-and-play solution provides add-ons for the most popular eCommerce platforms.

Whether you want to get more leads, increase conversions, or scale your growth, Facebook Messenger Marketing tools are the perfect instruments to make your business thrive like never before.

Without any doubt, these apps are the way to go for Messenger marketing. Choosing one amongst them is now a matter of what solution and support you are looking for.