WooCommerce is a plugin which is quickly becoming popular. It is one of the easiest ways to turn your WordPress website into an e-commerce website, just with a few clicks. However, an abandoned shopping cart is a common issue that can cause a considerable loss and thousands of dollars loss to your business each month. Many users add items to their cart.

However, 70% of them get abandoned, which means that about seventy percent of users do not buy the things they added in their cart. The rate of abandonment is much higher in online shopping as compared to shopping in physical experience.

In surveys and research, a lot of people said that they would have purchased and completed their shopping if they got a reminder. However, various other ways can help you recover woocommerce abandoned cart sales.

WooCommerce abandoned cart emails is one such great option that can help you recover your sales. WooCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms used today.

However, no matter which platform you use, abandoned cart sales remains an issue of common concerns. Let’s see now what you can do and what are the best ways to recover woocommerce abandoned cart sales.

1.Remind users

It is imperative to remind the users of the products they saved in their cart. Remind them with the exit-intent popup. It is generally used by all the online shopping websites to retain their visitors.

An exit intent popup appears when the visitor is going to leave the site. It tracks the user’s movements and shows the popup window when the user is about to leave the site. Many people find popups annoying and disturbing.

However, an exit-intent popup is an excellent way of reminding your customers. Offer them exclusive offers or show a popup of shipping offers. Add this popup right way because it leads to conversion and can help you recover woocommerce abandoned cart.

2.Improve your customers’ checkout experience

No doubt, customer satisfaction is one of the most critical factors for the success of your business. Achieving customer satisfaction is essential to retain your customers. Make sure that the process of checkout is simple and the page speed is fast on both the mobile and the website.

Even 5-10 second delay in loading of the page can decrease the conversion rate and lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is essential that your checkout process is simple and single-click process.

3.Offer discount

There are chances that the visitors might purchase if the same product would have been available at a discount. Send them offers in emails and messages. Tell your users that they will get a discount or provide an offer that if they check out today only they will be receiving another item for free.

These kinds of messages will help you in getting your customer back. Make sure that you offer a sizeable discount, for example, 20% or 25%. However, do not offer too many discounts.

In such a case, the visitors will believe that those are the real prices and will not make any purchase until you’re offering any further special offers. The same thing applies to abandonment emails. Always maintain a frequency while providing discounts and sending abandonment emails.

4.Avoid hidden fees or surprise charges

One of the main reasons customers abandon their sales is because of the charges added later at the end when the customer was trying to complete the purchase. Therefore, it is essential that you show all the fees or the taxes right away on the same page. If the shipping cost varies for different products or with a different price range, make sure you mention it.

5.Enable guest checkout

Another reason that customers generally skip and abandon their sales is that they will have to make another account just for shopping once. Most customers intend to buy only one or the other product and don’t wish to become a regular customer for that website.

Therefore, to make it easier for the customers, you should allow guest checkouts. It will also improve customer satisfaction and will lead to more conversions. Customers don’t like to register on a different website and save their information on each one of them. Therefore, to help your customers and attract more customers, you should allow guest checkouts on your site.

6.Offer multiple payment options in your online store

It is indeed one of the best business practices to offer multiple payment options. Offer most options such as credit card, debit card, visas, MasterCard, PayPal, cash on delivery, and other digital wallet payment options.

Not having enough payment options can also be the reason for the cancellation of the sale. Therefore, to recover woocommerce abandoned cart sales, you should always offer multiple options. Also, make sure that you have a secured payment gateway. Offering various options will help increase sales and will also make your company look more professional.

7.Use FOMO marketing techniques to reduce abandoned sales

Fear of missing out or FOMO is a fear of anxiety about missing out. People also describe it as a fear of regret. You can use FOMO marketing techniques and reduce the abandoned sales in your store.

For example, add time limits that the offer will expire soon or you’ll get exclusive offers only if you purchase by that time. Create hype around such offers and deadlines. It will undoubtedly lead to conversion. Create a compelling message for marketing and add a lot of testimonials.

You can also use influencer marketing to build the trust of the prospect customers. A lot of customers trust in influencers’ recommendations more than they believe celebrities or brands.

Use the above ways and recover woocommerce abandoned sales cart. These are some of the most effective ways that can help you retain your customers. Reconsider your FAQ page and make sure that you have answered all the essential questions. Other than this, you should use live chat and provide better services to your customers. Solve their queries and build trust as it will also help in conversion.