These days anyone with a bit of time and inclination would check out something to buy online. They may even add it on to the site's shopping cart.

However, it may not end up as sales as they may get distracted, postpone the buying process, or have second thoughts.

It is estimated that over seven people out of 10 abandon their cart. This is a huge number! Most WooCommerce site owners would simply consider such abandoned carts as customers lost forever.

Now there is a way to capture data on such lost and abandoned carts which can then be converted into sales with a bit of extra effort.

But first, you need to download and activate the Abandoned Cart Tracking Plugin for WooCommerce and install it to WordPress Plugin Directory, following which you have to activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress on your site.

Converting desire into sales

Many times, items are added to the shopping cart purely on a whim. Even so, it can be converted to a sale. Imagine being able to track cart details like Email address and item details as well as the price and quantity. The information will be available under the visitor's Email address.

It will also help you realize how much revenue loss the abandoned cart meant for you on a daily and weekly or even monthly basis. This will give an insight into the customer's behavioral and buying patterns during their visit to your WooCommerce enabled E-commerce site.

Abandoned Cart Tracking Plugin helps you to record the cart activities of the visitor to your site in great detail. You can analyze your abandoned cart data and learn important information like which products get abandoned more than usual (it could probably be priced wrong).

You will also understand which region abandon items more than others and try to understand which users abandon items, why they did so, and such. This will help you plan your sales communications in a more targeted and logical way to increase your sales.

Measure the abandonment

As an E-commerce site, it is vital to know how much sales you missed that could easily have been yours. It will lead to a more efficient and streamlined way to promote your products, help you rework the pricing strategy, and target products to audiences in countries where they are preferred and commonly bought.

Once you have the analyzed cart abandoned data in hand, you can consider the means and ways to resell to the customers through other means of communication and marketing. The plugin helps you measure the levels of abandonment very accurately. This means you can use this knowledge to prevent abandonment and convert into straight sales in the first place. Click here for more details on Abandoned Cart Tracking Plugin for WooCommerce