Customers are very fickle these days. They are distracted and busy and hence while shopping online, they fail to go through the purchase process.

Many times they would be browsing through their shopping sites while they are whiling away their time waiting for the metro or cab. When something catches their fancy, they immediately transfer it to their cart but then their transportation would have arrived. This is just one scenario.

Recover abandoned carts

It is estimated that anywhere from 55% to 86% online shopping carts were abandoned during 2018. An authoritative site on the subject which has studied this phenomenon believes that '58.6% of US online shoppers have abandoned a cart within the last 3 months because "I was just browsing / not ready to buy"'.

Most of those who abandon their shopping cart online do it because the price does not meet their budget at the moment. It is not because they do not desire the product.

They just do not go through with the purchase. Some of them would have chosen the product at the spur of the moment for further review later on.

Reconvert to sales

Thankfully, the abandoned shopping cart can be reconverted into sales, especially if you are using WooCommerce store on your site.

You have this nifty plugin from that helps you engage customers who have abandoned shopping carts through their Facebook Messenger.

By adding the plugin, your site becomes empowered to send customers reminders on their Cart Abandonment. This helps the customer renew the order, collect coupon codes and complete the purchase.

Customers can be also be fed additional information through blogs, feedback on the product that interests them as well as helpful customer surveys.

Messenger Marketing through is a great way to engage and support customers and build a long-term relationship with potential clients for the brand or product.

Messenger marketing services

Messenger Marketing services like are today considered the top tool for e-commerce merchants. It is because it combines the strengths of Facebook Messenger to convert abandoned carts into revenues.

The potential customer receives a message about the lovely product they had intentionally put on the cart but did not go through the process of purchase for various reasons of their own. It reminds them of the product tantalizingly and then helps in closing the sale.

Worldwide over 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month. This makes it a far better tool to connect with than Email alone. Those who have connected their customers with for abandoned carts will see the results through more customers and added revenue.