Virtually everyone who is online has an active email account. It is estimated that over 61% of the people who have Email accounts use it nearly every day.

So why is Email Marketing not hitting the mark? A huge number of B2B and B2C businesses that were using this medium for marketing are finding that their marketing effort is not matching their expectations.

Though a huge number of their prospective customers are online and are spending large amounts of time browsing Emails, the marketing Emails are not leading to enough deals.

The issues with Email

On the one hand, the presence of Email accounts is purported to be over 40 times that of the number of combined accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Some people have been using Email right from the beginning of the internet and so, as a channel, Email Marketing is still one of the best. Many businesses achieve an open rate of 25% and get click-through in the range of around 10%.

Very soon, the Email scene became cluttered, and the number of Emails that average prospective customers received increased exponentially. This has led to almost every marketing Email going directly into the spam folder.

Chatbots to the fore

Evidently, customers are moving away from Email to the new fad – the mobile-friendly messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

This has made Facebook Messenger Marketing the most exciting new marketing channel beating everything else. The Facebook Messenger is essentially a chatbot.

It gathers information, asks questions, understands the answers, provides information and executes some tasks assigned to it. The capabilities that it brings to a business owner to connect with customers and deliver the marketing messages are mind-boggling.

Connecting with customers

The power that chatbots brought to digital marketing is something unimagined. Chatbots utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a nearly human-like interaction. Any customer that visits a Facebook Page of a company or a service provider, they can be prompted for a discount or an offer.

This enables the initiation of purchase, booking, arriving at a resolution, or solving a problem.

Emails that do not appear to be spammy and have good content stand a better chance of reaching their target. However, with Email, there is only one-way communication.

The collection of information and resolution of issues are difficult and time-consuming. But through Messenger, the conversation is taken forward through multiple links and topics.

Chatbots are also great for interacting with younger customers. The millennials spend nearly 9 hours on Social Media. Now with an open rate of nearly 80% and click rate of over 55%, messages from chatbots beat everything that Email can do. Chatbots initiate direct action like installation of apps, comments, messages, etc. which encourage the opening of the message and interaction.

The chatbots like service will automatically send the customer a message based on the last interaction with the shop, company, or brand and commence a conversation that leads to further marketing possibilities. helps the customer achieve certain actions and solve problems.