The advent of WooCommerce gave a kick-start to many online shopping sites. It is found to be one of the most happening E-Commerce platforms with around 74,780,788, downloads. With a variety of offerings for shopping stores with various products and services Woo Commerce had already gained popularity and is ruling the E-Commerce Marketing world now.

Since there are many web shopping sites created by using Woo- Commerce these days, every online business need to try different ways to increase sales with marketing techniques. Plug-ins are one of such available tools if used properly, can build a well-reputed online store. Below are a few plug-ins that many successful online shopping sites are using.

1. The Mail Chimp Plug-In:

This is an open-source software plug-in available in the WooCommerce store. Mail Chimp is widely used to automate the E-Mail Marketing campaigns and allows easy integration with the WooCommerce store. In addition to this, it also allows you to add discount coupons after verifying the eligibility of the users for the coupons.

Also, you can integrate the user order and purchase data which can indeed be useful to send automatically to retarget emails and also follow up emails. The best part is that it is completely free for all users. All you need to have is a WooCommerce 3.4 or above version.PHP 5.4 version or newer, Word press 4.9 or newer version.

2. The Product Export and Import Plug-In:

This plug-in allows the users to export and import the product data in the form of a CSV file. The exported product details can be sent to someone else or integrate with a third-party system. The details include product prices, descriptions, images, etc...On the other hand, this plug-in can also be used to import the product details from a CSV file which holds both variable and parent data.

The point to be considered while importing the product details is that the first image in the column is considered as the featured and all the other images are added into the gallery of the product. In addition to all these, the plugin also lets you export products by feature, categories and many other factors.

3. Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer

E-Mail Marketing is essential for any e-commerce store. So, this plug-in is designed to customize the transactional emails sent to customers. It also helps the users to customize the emails sent without disturbing the code. So, all the people who are not familiar with coding can also use this plug-in in a sophisticated manner. It also lets the users send test e-mails to read the e-mails in test inbox.

4. Product Slider Plug-in for WooCommerce:

Product sliders play an important role in any e-commerce website. Customers find it interesting to find different options of the product at one place instead of scrolling the entire website to get the product. So, this plug-in is used for the same purpose.

It is paid plug-in with customization options available on devices, number of products and devices as well. The user is also given the freedom to select the size and color of the font of products. It comes with 29 Ready themes that can be operated and installed with ease.

5. The Zoom Magnifier Plug-In:

Zoom Magnifier is used to give a clear overview of the products. It helps the customers to identify every part of the product virtually. The Zoom Magnifier plug-in is a free plug-in available in WordPress. The users also have the choice of enabling and disabling the plug-in on mobile devices. This plug-In has around 90,000+ installs to date.

6. The Referral Candy Plug-In:

Referral Marketing has been one of the most popular marketing strategies in the E-Commerce Marketing World. With the Woo Commerce Referral Candy extension, the users are given access to create wonderful referral programs for loyal customers and reward them with cash backs, coupons, etc... This is a great way to attract new customers to the store in an easy way.

7. WP Forms Plug-In:

This plug-in helps in creating customizable forms without any coding efforts. It can be used to create a variety of forms for feedback, contact, survey, etc... You can even create polls to display real-time results on the online shopping store which can increase the engagement among the audience. It, in turn, helps in creating legitimacy as well.

8. The Woo Commerce Wait list:

This is an amazing word press extension to inform the customers about the awaited product. It also helps in creating the new product launches of which the customers can be contacted over the mail once they are launched. You can never lose a customer who is eager about the product this way which can establish a good connection with the customers for further purchases.

9. The Woo Commerce Google Analytics Plug-In:

Google Analytics plays an important role in tracking the performance of the website. It can also give the free demographics of organic searches and queries by the visitors. This plug-in is designed to integrate WooCommerce store with the Google Analytics Data. It is available in nine different languages for the users and has around 100,000+ installs till date.

These are few Woo-Commerce Plug-Ins used by many successful Woo-Commerce Online shopping stores. There are thousands of plug-ins as such in the woo commerce store, choose the right plug-Ins for you to store today and start using them the ineffective way.